Carmarthenshire Castles & Poets

Llansteffan Castle

Carmarthenshire Castles & Poets

Today I went on a day out with the Carmarthenshire Tourist Board to visit St Clare and the coast. This is a reasonable distance from the coach house if you wanted to visit the coast and take in some castles and Welsh history. A very enjoyable trip. We visited Carmarthenshire castles & poets houses.

Carmarthenshire Castles & Poets


It’s natural defences and strategic importance made Llansteffan Castle the site of much fierce fighting between the Normans and the Welsh. Explore this beautiful spot and hear more about The Lord Rhys, one of the most successful and powerful Welsh Princes.



Visit Dylan Thomas’ grave and The Dylan Thomas Boathouse, where the legendary poet lived the last years of his tragically short life. We had lunch at The Brown’s, Dylan’s favourite watering hole.


 Canolfan Hywel Dda Centre will bring the legend of Hywel Dda to life. King of all Wales in the early tenth century, Hywel brought together lawyers and leaders from throughout his kingdom to draw up the first unified legal code for Wales. These laws are interpreted throughout the gardens, and give a fascinating insight into Welsh medieval history.