Gliffaes Country House Hotel

Gliffaes Hotel Brecon Beacons

Tree Walk

Today we went on a guided walk in the beautiful grounds of Gliffaes Country House Hotel. 

It is full of specimen trees both native and brought from around the world. Many of the large oaks dating back hundreds of years. The weather was really kind and there was still a lot of autumnal colour in the leaves.

Forest Bathing

The Japanese refer to forest bathing as Shinrin-yoku. They believe in taking your time and allowing your senses to be soaked by nature. In the autumn this is more so because of the vibrant colours and crackling dry leaves underfoot. Whilst I may not truely understand this approach the woodland is indeed a calm place.

You can take your own walk through the woods using the Tree Walk Map. It will take approximately one hour.

We then had lunch in the restaurant which has magnificent views of the River Usk below.

You are able to walk around the grounds and maybe finish with a drink in the condervatory or treat yourselves to a lunch. You will not be disappointed.

Gliaffaes Country House Hotel

Gliffaes Hotle
Tree walk at Gliffaes Country House Hotel