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Ancient Brecon Maendu Well

Many ancient wells like Maendu Well were considered to have magic properties, many related to healing and restoration.
One of the only written records of Maendu Well refers to it’s special powers to find love!
Maendu Well was used by lovers who offered pins and wished earnestly
This is the reason why the ancient oak adjacent to the entrance on the other side of the pond was granted the official recorded name of ‘The Lovelorn Maiden’. 
As well as it’s magical properties, Maendu Well was a very important water source for both the Cathedral (linking it to Priory Well at the Cathedral entrance to the Groves) and Brecon Castle. 
The Water course today can only be partly followed down to the Cathedral with a large part of it underground.
Above the Well, you can walk up to Pen y Crug, where the water would also have been important to the Iron -Age Hill fort which was once there.
The name ‘Maendu’ is not actually explained in records but could be translated to ‘black stone’. This may link to the fort to the north.
The Well is not the only natural spring in the area. Around 4 – 7 natural spring exist, some only truly active in winter months. This perpetual natural water source would have made the area a very important site in ancient times. The well is of great interest today to archaeologists, geologists and historians.

Meandu Well Community Group

The group are always very careful when undertaking work on the well. They consult with archaeological experts as well as wildlife experts. They are trying not to dig too much to avoid shifting historical layers in the ground where treasure might be hidden. As yet they have not yet found any of those offered pins.
There is much we still don’t know about the well’s history and how it was used but do know it was a very important site.
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