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Brecon Jazz Festival 2019

Brecon Jazz FestivalThis year’s Brecon Jazz Festival in Brecon took place on August 9-11th. The US sax don Scott Hamilton with his quartet and Barbara Dennerlein and her trio opened proceedings.

Every year for the last 36 years there has been a Brecon Jazz Weekend in August. It has many changes over the years and a few low points where all seemed likely to end but here it is again. Many will remember the old stroller days where many events took place outside. Your ticket allowed you to walk from venue to venue and if there was room in you went.

That era came to an end with all the events moving into ticketed venues and the streets no longer being closed.

Today things are going back to the old style with many street events running alonside the venues. The Fringe is also ging strong in the pubs and shops around the town.


This year for the first time in many years there was a FRAZZ parade. It is a chance to dress up and celebrate and everyone is welcome to join in. The theme for 2019 IS “Circus and the Elephant”. This year’s parade was a collaboration between local community groups, venues and individuals, and is a chance for everyone to get involved.

Brecon Jazz Fringe

Brecon Jazz Festival Fringe

The Brecon Jazz Fringe is an open-access event. This means gigs and events over the Fringe are organised and funded independently by local landlords, venue owners and individuals. It is an opportunity for local acts to reach a wider audience and local pubs and venues to join in the larger festival.

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