Duke’s Table

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Duke’s Table

On the southern edge of the park on the track up to a quarry beside the Nant Trefil is the Duke’s Table. At first glance you may just walk straigh by without any idea of what this grass covered hump used to be.

The Duke’s Table or picnic site was actually constructed for the privaliged to dine at during hunting excursions!

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Impressive Dining Table

The overall size is an impressive 4.5 metres diameter. The central table is 2.5 metres wide and 0.4 metres high.

It is surrounded by a circular bench complete with an entrance gap so you did not have to clamber over.

Up close you can still see the structure despite the turf covering. Try and imagine sitting there enjoying a feast that your servants have carried there.

The wine cooler

The table was not positioned here by chance. Just above the table is a springhead which it was believed to have been used as a wine cooler. You can still see traces of the stone lining, and a grooved slab on which immersed bottles might have rested.

There may also have been a second one constructed by what is now a dry springhead.

This table was not the only one it seems. Just 6 km to the east are the ruins of a second smaller table.

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